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Nautis is derived from nauta, the Latin word for navigator. Navigating the open seas requires preparation, courage and strength. It demands fortitude to embark on the journey and return to shore with epic tales to tell.

Tool up and explore, the deepest depths of the open sea await.

At 50 ATM, The Nautis Dauntless conquers the deepest depths of the ocean. The Dauntless interchangeability can go between a durable, waterproof, rubber strap and 316 stainless steel bracelet, in seconds.


Carefully crafted for both sea and shore.

With its 200 ATM water resistance, the NAUTIS COMMANDER 2000 rises to the occasion and truly tests the limits of the deep. The Commander is completed with interchangeable 316L stainless steel bracelet and durable, waterproof rubber strap.

Born to seek the deepest depths of the open blue.

The Nautis Stealth 200 is inspired by deep-sea submarines. Designed to utilize functionality, it features a 20 ATM water resistance and a precision Swiss Ronda movement. The Nautis Stealth 200 was built to endure the deepest depths, while maintaining comfort and style.

collectiona_final (1).jpg

Refined and Rugged. A timepiece built for the ages.

The NAUTIS ADMIRALTY PRO 200 features 20 ATM water resistance paired with luminous hands and markers, encased in stunning stainless steel; making for a precision diving timepiece, crafted perfectly for any ocean adventure.

Designed for traversing the globe in search of deep sea adventure.

Featuring 50ATM water resistance and a Swiss Super-LumiNova unidirectional bezel, the GLOBAL DIVE is engineered to endure the darkest depths of the ocean. Powered by a Ronda GMT Movement, and encased in sleek stainless steel, this NAUTIS timepiece embodies the power and beauty of the open sea.


For those who seek the extraordinary.

The NAUTIS DIVE CHRONO 500 is designed and built to withstand the forces of nature and the test of time. Discover our 50ATM Collection today.


Quality Engineering

NAUTIS is a quintessential dive timepiece, built to perform under the rigors of open water exploration.
With elegant designs, the collections effortlessly traverse every environment in the journey of life.



Chart your course and prepare for your next adventure with NAUTIS.


Helium Release Valve

Keep your watch in good shape when you return to sea level pressure. The valve automatically depressurizes the watch by releasing the optimal amount of helium at the specific time.


50 ATM Water Resistant

Get ready to plan deep sea diving adventures and underwater excursions. NAUTIS watches are calibrated to handle the pressure at the deepest of depths.

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Swiss Super-LumiNova

Get the illumination you need at any hour. Strontium aluminate based non-radioactive and non-toxic photoluminescence pigments illuminate the watch for easy viewing in the darkest depths.

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